608 609 Yuriy Dyrin is an original painter who deeply feels the mythology and depicts it in all its manifestations. The modification of the seen world which is a condition for the harmony is the principle motif of his pictures. Bible stories, folklore, mysteries and magic, philosophical and mythological landscapes and genre compositions characterized by ritual significance appear on his pictures.
The style of Yuriy Dyrin’s oeuvre is inspired by discrepant artistic ideas of the 20th century.  He understands the language of the leading artistic movements: from expressive neo-primitivism to modernism, capricious in its decorative unpredictability. Pure colours of Fauvism and the phantasmagoria of Surrealism, decorative textures are combined with a pure, local background.
Yuriy Dyrin’s pictures characterized by a unique understanding of the world order are filled with pulsing colour rhythms and plasticity.  His pictures help us understand the mysteries of the universe and feel a metaphysical unity with the national spirit of identity.
Personal data:
Painter and teacher, member of the Union of Artists of Russia
He was born on the 25th of August of 1967 in Kochkurovo village, Dubenskiy region, the Republic of Mordovia.
1990- finished Saransk Art College, the teacher V. Shanin.
Since 1992 he has been a constant participant of republic, regional, all-Russian, foreign and international exhibitions. His solo exhibitions took place in Saransk, Prague, Moscow, Tallinn, Magdeburg, Stavern (Norway).  His pictures are in the Mordovian Republican Museum of Fine Arts, SD Erzya and private collections in Russia, Finland, Norway, Germany, the USA and the Great Britain.
Yuriy Dyrin is an art director of the cartoon “Kuygorozh” based on Mordovian folk tale. “Kuygorozh” was created in the framework of “Mountain of Gems” (Gora Samotsvetov)  cartoon serial by Moscow Animation Studio “Pilot”. The Republic of Mordovia is represented in this project by the cartoon “Kuygorozh”.  Project initiators: A. Tatarskiy, M. Aldashin, production director S. Merinov.
The cartoon “Kuygorozh”  was awarded the “Golden Eagle” of the National Academy of Motion Pictures Arts and Sciences of Russia, got the Audience Award at the festival of animated films in Suzdal, the 10th if April of 2008 it became the most important event of the Open Russian Festival of Animated Film “Mountain of Gems” in Saransk.
The exhibition is open till the 7th of May of 2014.