• S. Andreev

    Andreev Sergey

    Russian Artist’s Union member

    He was born on the 20th of June of 1965 in Cheboksary.
    In 1984 he graduated from Cheboksary art school.
    In 2007 he became a member of Artists Trade Union of Russia.
    1989- Sverdlovsk artists exhibition
    1994-exhibition dedicated to 60th anniversary of Cheboksary art school
    2008-Cheboksary exhibitions of local artists
    2003-regional exhibition “Great Volga”, Nizhny Novgorod
    2005- solo exhibition in Kazan
    2007-regional exhibition “Unity”, Nizhny Novgorod
    2008-regional exhibition “Great Volga ” in Cheboksary, Samara

  • I. Anisimov

    Anisimov Igor

    Professional artist

    Igor Anisimov was born in 1963 in Penza, worked at Regional Architecture Company, drawn caricatures, worked in advertising.
    First he painted using academic approach then he started using a special technique of mixing oil colours and acryl colours. His pictures are very unusual, unforgettable which strike with bright colour, and depiction of emotions frozen on his canvases. His unique technique doesn’t allow him to create a copy of a picture.
    The painter’s pictures are in Germany, France, Belgium, the USA, Italy and Russia (Penza, Moscow, Samara, Novgorod).

  • Y. Andropov

    Antropov Yuri

    Professional artist

    Yuri Andropov was born in 1976 in the city of Penza. He finished the Savitski Art college of Penza.
    Since childhood painting and drawing have been his favorite activities. As schoolboy all his holidays he spent at his uncle's, the artist A. Akimkin, helping him to make frames and stretch the canvas.
    Mr. Andropov served in the Russian army at the Baltic navy.
    He is fond of the nature, he likes fishing and hunting.
    Yuri Andropov is a participant in city, regional and state exhibitions.
    His preferances in painting are marine paintings, landscapes, copies of famous artists' works and painting animals.
    His works are placed within private collections in Russia and abroad (Vatican, Rome, New York, North Dakota etc.).

  • A. Artamonova

    Artamonova Anna

    Professional artist

    Nizhny Novgorod artist, painter and graphic artist
    She was born in 1985 in Nizhny Novgorod.
    She studied painting at a  atelier of famous Nizhny Novgorod artist S. Rodionov.
    the painter graduated from Nizhny Novgorod State Pedagogical University(a degree in fine arts teaching)
    Since 2003 she has participated in city, regional and youth exhibitions.
    She uses oil paints and water colours. Her favourite genres are still life and landscape.
    The beauty of nature inspires her and it is an inexhaustible well of knowledge.


  • V. Bagaev

    Bagaev Valeri

    independent artist

    Valeri Bagaev was born in 1975 in Petropavlovsk-Kamchatski-50 (Vilyuchinsk).
    He went in for weightlifting and powerlifting. He is master of sport in powerlifting.
    In 2002 Valeri graduated from the P. Lesgaft National State University of Sports and Training in Saint-Petersburg as a weightlifting trainee.
    Valeri is a professional tattoo-artist.
    His first paintings in oil were painted at the same time when he mostly occupied himself with tattoo-art.
    The first professional exhibition of his works "SOMETHING HUMAN..." ("Nechto chelovecheskoe... ") took place n Nizhny Nivgorod in March 2006.
    Now Valeri Bagaev works as a free artist.

  • A. Bargov

    Bargov Anatoliy

    Honoured Artist of Russian Federation

    He is an honoured artist of the Republic of Mordovia, winner of the Head of the Republic of Mordovia prize, chairman of the Artists’ Union of the Republic of Mordovia, professor of Traditional national culture and Modern art  department of Ogarev Mordovia State University. He paints landscapes, still lifes, and genre pictures.
    The painter was born in Magnitogorsk and spent his childhood and youth in Andreevka and Bolshoe Ignatovo villages, Bolsheignatovsky district. He graduated from Ichalovskoe teachers college (1974), Yakovlev Chuvash State Pedagogical Institute (1991, fine arts department (atelier of Fedorov, People's Artist of the Russian Federation), in 1995 he became a member of Artists Trade Union of Russia. His pictures are in the Mordovian Republican Fine Arts Museum N.A. Erzia and they are also bought for private collections in Russia and abroad.

  • B. Batykova

    Batykova Bella

    An exhibition in the Moscow Central House of Artist in 2006 inspired Bella Batyukova who didn't ever paint or learn to paint before to take a brush and start painting. Bella always loved art.
    Bella Batyukova was born in Tbilisi where she visited a lot of exhibitions in her childhood. Art always attracted and fascinated her. The interest for painting increased constantly, and espeсially she liked the impressionists.
    Bella's pictures show the influence of Georgia and the paintings by the artist Parajanov.
    The most important points in Bella's pictures are colors, emotions, and mood. She paints with broad strokes of brush, with expression which shows her southern temper.

  • E. Bobin

    Bobin Evgeni

    Bobin Evgeny was born on the 18 of December 1960 in Gorky (Niyhny Novgorod). From childhood he was interested in painting. Since 1983 he worked as a designer. Since 1984 he attended art classes under Lenin house of culture. In 1985 one of his paintings was chosen for a regional exhibition dedicated to the 40th anniversary of the victory in the Great Patriotic War. In 1990 he graduated from the National University with an excellent mark, the department of Design, Drawing and Painting in Tchkalov Art Institute. Since 1994 he worked as an artist in the Regional Science Centre of National Arts. To the order of the Culture Department Nizhny Novgorod he painted the portrait of the composer B. Mokrousov for his 90th anniversary. In 2006 he took part in an exhibition “Springs of Russia”, which took place in Agricultural Academy Nizhny Novgorod. In 2012 he graduated from the Pedagogic University as a teacher of arts. From the 19th up to the 28th  in the exhibition “ART Perm” of January 2007 he was awarded to the certificate for high level of the paintings. The paintings by Bobin are nowadays in private collections at home and abroad. His favourite genre is landscape.

  • N. Burdastov

    Burdastov Nickolay

    Honoured Artist of Russian Federation

    Born in Maikop, Krasnodarski region in 1946.
    He finished the Art School in 1972 and The Gerasimov Institute of Cinematography (1972-1978). Member of the Russian Artist Union since 1982.
    From 1973 up to the present time he has been a participant of all the municipal art exhibitions “Great Volga”, big All-Russian vernisages. From 1979 he has been taking part in international exhibitions in many countries of Europe. The artist’s works are now in museums, monasteries, private collections at home and abroad.
    N. Burdastov  is an outstanding representative of realistic art and belongs to the orthodox culture. In his works the artist realizes timeless themes of Russian art such as nature, national life, history.
    His creative work carries on the tradition of the Russian national school.

  • D. Butchenko

    Butchenko Dmitri

    Professional artist

    Born in Omsk in 1968. He painted from early childhood, was interested in art like his father. In 1987 he finished Omsk Art School. Works in genres of landscape, still life, and portrait.

  • A. Butusov

    Butusov Alexandr

    Russian Artist’s Union member

    Born in Gorki 1932.

    Graduated from the Art School (1947-1952) and the State Art Institute of the Soviet Socialistic Republic Estonia (1959-1965). Graphic artist and painter. Member of the Russian Artist Union since 1970. Since 1965 permanent participant of regional, area (“Great Volga”), republican, all-Russian and all-USSR art exhibitions. Individual exhibitions: since 1978 (Nizhni Novgorod, Arzamas, Saint Petersburg, Moscow). Taught in the Gorki Art School (1965-1969).


  • A. Chernigin

    Chernigin Alexey

    Russian Artist’s Union member

    He was born in 1975 in Nizhny Novgorod. He graduated from Nizhny Novgorod Art College (1990-1994) and Nizhny Novgorod State University of Architecture and Civil Engineering (1994-2000). He is a painter and a graphic artist. He paints portraits, cityscapes, still lifes and easel paintings. He became a member of Artists Trade Union of Russia in 1998. He participated in regional exhibitions. He participated in all-Russia exhibitions “Great Volga”(1991, 1998). Annual solo exhibitions in Nizhny Novgorod –since 1998. In 2002 he taught at Nizhny Novgorod State University.


  • V. Egorov

    Egorov Vyacheslav

    Russian Artist’s Union member

    Born on June,16 1957 in Kanas of The Chuvash Republic. Finished the Art School of Cheboksary in 1981, in 1988 graduated from Stroganov Moscow State University of Arts and Industry (former Stroganovka). Russian Artists’ Union Member since 1993. All-Russian, All-Union art exhibitions participant since 1987. Works with oil, watercolour, sculpture. The works are displayed in private collections home and abroad.

  • V. Erofeev

    Erofeev Vladimir

    Professional artist

    Born in 1958 in Gorky (Nijny Novgorod). Finished the department of arts and graphic of  Pedagogical University of Costroma. Participant in city, region, all-Russian exhibitions. His works are found in private collections home and abroad (Germany, Spain, France, the USA).


  • V. Filatov

    Filatov Vladimir

    Professional artist

    He was born in 1973 in Serdobsk, Penza region.
    In his childhood he got interested in drawing.
    He graduated from Penza art college of K. Savitskiy (1990-1994)with a degree artist –designer.
    He paints in different styles from realism to avant-garde and does wall painting.
    His paintings are in private collections in Russia and abroad(Norway, France, Australia, Serbia, Montenegro ,Turkey, the USA, etc)


  • N. Galimov

    Galimov Nail

    Professional artist

    Родился 9 апреля1975 года в городе Набережные Челны РТ. В 1993 г. Окончил детскую художественную школу №1. В 1994 г. поступил на художественно-графический факультет НГПИ, который окончил в 1999. Второе высшее образование получил в МГУ в 2003 г.
    Принимал участие в художественном оформлении Соборной Мечети г. Сургут, Мечети Кул Шариф при Кремле города Казани под руководством Салехутдинова Р.Н., а также был участником всероссийских выставок.
    Круг почитателей его таланта довольно широк - от представителей деловой и политической элиты до самых известных имен в аристократическом мире и шоу-бизнесе. Подобная востребованность художественного творчества Наиля Галимова позволяет с полным правом назвать его в числе выдающихся мастеров отечественной живописной школы. Не случайно его работы можно встретить в самых разнообразных местах – на выставках, в частных коллекциях. Знатоки современного искусства уже давно оценили живописное дарование этого мастера, считая, что художественные произведения именно такого уровня являются драгоценными свидетелями своего времени в будущих поколениях.
    Наиль Галимов обладает редким талантом – его живописное мастерство одинаково ярко проявляется в самых разнообразных жанрах. Характерны и узнаваемы для творческого почерка художника– свежесть и мастерство композиции, тонкая сгармонированность красок, задушевная лиричность настроения.
    Причина возросшего интереса к работам Наиля Галимова не только в мастерском исполнении и виртуозной живописной технике его полотен. Секрет обаяния этого художника – в изысканной красоте его картин.
    В свободное время Наиль Галимов увлекается охотой и рыбалкой.

  • A. Gladysheva

    Gladysheva Alexandrina

    Professional artist

    Born in Gorki (Nizhni Novgorod) in 1982. Graduated from the Evstigneev Theatre School Nizhni Novgorod in 2002, the faculty of decarative and applied arts in Moscow Pedagogic Iniversity of M. Sholokhov, member of the Russian Theatre Workers Union. Participant of municipal, regional, inter-regional exhibitions.

  • A. Grigoryev

    Grigoryev Anatoli

    Russian Artist’s Union member

    Born on the 27 of October 1964. Finished the Painting Department in Cheboksari Art School. Works in realistic manner. Mr. Grigoryev is participant of republican, all-Russian exhibitions. Individual vernisages in Cheboksari (1995-1998). His works are in private collections in Russia and abroad. 

  • I. Grishchenko

    Grishchenko Igor

    Russian Artist’s Union member

    Born in Nizhni Tagil in 1963.
    Finished the faculty of art graphic in the State Pedagogic Institute Nizhni Tagil in 1985.
    Finished the training faculty course in the State Pedagogic Lenin Institute Moscow in 1994. Finished the training faculty course in the Repin Art Academy in Saint-Petersburg in 2003. Member of the Russian Artist Union since 1995. Member the art union “Sunny Square” since 1994. Associate professor of the Painting department in Art Academy Nizhny Tagil. Participant of the following exhibitions: municipal, group, 3 regional, 3 area, 3 republican, 11 all-Russian, 2 inernational,6 exhibitions of the union “Sunny Square”, 9 foreign, 15 individual exhibitions. In general 140 exhibitions. In 2012 awarded to a certificate for success in creative work and assistance of the art development in Russia.
    The works are in Kourganski Art Gallery, National State Museum Tcherepovets, Art Museum Kirov, private galleries in Nizhny Tagil, Yekaterinburg, Moscow, Tcherepovets, Perm; Germany, Canada, Israel, France, Italy. Lives and works in Nizhny Tagil.

  • G. Gruzdeva

    Gruzdeva Galina

    Russian Artist’s Union member

    Born in Semenov in Gorkij region in 1949. Finished a State Art School (1967-1971).
    Decorative and applied art artist. Works mainly as a weaving and batic master. Member of the Russian Artist Union since 1990. Since 1979 participant of regional art exhibitions. Exhibitor of areal (“Great Volga”, 1991, 1998, 2003) and republican exhibitions (“Artists of Non-Chernozem”, Costroma, 1985, Moscow, 1987).
    Individual exhibitions: Nizhny Novgorod, 1995, 2000, 2001. Teaches in the Pedagogic University Nizhny Novgorod since 1998.
    Nizhny Novgorod prize winner (2002).

  • Y. Guschina

    Guschina Yulia

    Born in Naberezhniye Chelny on the 13 of June 1986. In she 2003 finished art school №2 in Naberezhniye Chelny. In 2008 she graduated from the graphic art faculty in the Pedagogic Institute Nizhny Novgorod. At present Ms. Guschina lives and works in Nizhny Novgorod. She is engaged with painting as well as with graphic art. She creates pictures to any order and technique (portrait, landscape, still life).


  • V. Kalinin

    Kalinin Vasiliy

    Russian Artist’s Union member

    06.02.1927 - 08.07.1994
    Finished the Gorky Art School (1944-1949) and the State Art Institute of the Estonian Republic (1949-1955). Painter and graphical artist. He worked in landscape mainly. Member of the Russian Artist Union since 1971. Since 1985 he is zonal and regional exhibitions participant. A line of monotypies “Great Boldino” is in the Pushkin State Museum in Moscow and in Pushkin’s museum in Boldino.

  • S. Kapitonova

    Kapitonova Svetlana

    Russian Artist’s Union member

    Born on the 18th of August 1975. Finished the Art School in Cheboksary (1995), the Graphic art faculty of the State University of Cheboksary (2001).
    The specialization is oil painting. Genres: still life, landscape, urban landscape. The main style is impressionism. Member of the Russian Artist Union.

  • S. Klyushin

    Klyushin Sergei

    Professional artist

    Sergei Kljuschin was born in 1965 in Vachsky district in Nizhny Novgorod region. 1984 finished Gorky Drama School, the faculty of stage properties. Worked in Pushkin Opera House Nizhny Novgorod. Since 1989 he lived in Tver, was a member of the society “Artist of Tver”, took part at city exhibitions. Since 1996 lived in Vacha, in Nizhny Novgorog region. Now he works at the Art School for children as an art department manager and a teacher. City and regional exhibitions participant.

  • L. Kochergin

    Kochergin Leonid

  • F. Kolesov

    Kolesov Fyodor

    Russian Artist’s Union member

    Born in Gorbatovo in Nizhny Novgorod region. Finished Gorky Art School (1936-1949).
    Painter. Worked in portrait and landscape. Member of the Russian Artist Union since 1961. Since 1949 a constant art exhibitions participant. War veteran (1941-1945).

  • F. Korney

    Korney Fyodor

    Russian Artist’s Union member

    Born in Baranovichy (Belorus) in 1959.
    Finished the Vitebsk State Technological University in 1988.
    Painter. He paints urban landscape and still life.
    Member of the Russian Artists Union since 1998.
    Regional exhibitions participant since 1982. Exhibitor of the zonal (“Great Volga”, 1998), republican (Minsk, 1986), all-Russian (Tushino) art exhibitions.
    Individual exhibitions: Nizhny Novgorod, 1990, 1994; Gorodets, 1995. 

  • M. Korolkova

    Korolkova Maria

    Russian Artist’s Union member

    She was born in 1969. In 1988 she graduated from Penza art college(painting and teaching department). The same year she entered Krasnoyarsk State Art Institute (graphic arts department ) and graduated from it in 1993. After that she returned to Penza and worked at an children’s art school.  At that moment she works at Penza State Academy of Architecture and Building.  In 1995 she became a member of Artists Trade Union of Russia. She participated in more than forty exhibitions in Russia, Canada and Hungry.

  • S. Korotkov

    Korotkov Stepan

    Honoured Artist of Russian Federation

    Painter, oil painting conservator
    He was born on the 7th of May in 1956 in Alkino, Kovylkinskiy district, Mordovian Autonomous Soviet Socialist Republic.
    He graduated from Saransk Art College. He is a member of Artists Trade Union of Russia.
    The painter is an honoured artist of the republic of Mordovia, a winner of State prize of the republic of Mordovia.
    He participated in different exhibitions: regional ones “Russian North -98”(Kirov, 1998), “Great Volga. The Volga region republics art”(Saransk, 2004), interregional one «Unity»(Nizhny Novgorod, 2007), all-Russian ones- an exhibition dedicated to 850th anniversary of Moscow(Moscow, 1997), “In the name of yours”(Moscow, 2000), “Russia-X”(Moscow, 2004), “The Boldino Autumn”(Moscow, 1999), a foreign one “Two hours -minus”(La Chisterna, Italy, 2006); an international one “Victory” (Moscow, 2005), “Yalgat”(Saransk, 2007).
    His pictures are in Ministry of Culture of Russia, the Mordovian Republican Fine Arts Museum N.A. Erzia, Volgograd Museum of Fine Arts, private collections in Russia and abroad.

  • M. Krapivin

    Krapivin Mikhail

    Professional artist

    Painter, designer, photographer, interior decorator. Creates cityscapes.
    1989-1993 student at the Nizhny Novgorod art college.
    1993-1999 student at the Moscow State University of Printing Arts, graphic arts department, subdepartment for printed products arts and techniques
    2007 member of international designer association
    1996 "Yards of Nizhny Novgorod" exhibition
    1999 personal exhibition in the Nizhny Novgorod Fair
    2003-2005 "Nizhny Novgorod. People, streets, yards" exhibition
    2005 "Stealing Beauty" personal exhibition "Spanish Studies" personal exhibition in the project "Catalonia days in Nizhny Novgorod" 2006 (October, 24-27) "Strelka" design festival participant (Nizhny Novgorod)
    2007 "From Russia with Love" personal exhibition in Sant Boi, Barcelona, Spain
    2008 personal photo exhibition "Venetian Carnival", Lukoil, Nizhny Nivgorod Personal exhibition in the "Fira de la Purissima" festival in Ernest Lluch exhibition centre of Sant Boi, Barcelona, Spain (December, 4-14).
    Mr. Krapivin's works are in private collections in Russia, Germany, Spain, Italy and the USA.


  • V. Litvinov

    Litvinov Vladimir

    Russian Artist’s Union member

    He was born 14.01.1948 in Minsk.
    He graduated from Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology (1972).
    He studied at Yaroslavl art college(1982-1984).
    Candidate of Sciences, lecturer
    A member of Trade of Artists of Russia(1998)
    The head of the art union “Sail”(Parus), organized in by the painter in 2004
    Solo exhibitions:
    Yaroslavl museum of fine arts(1980, 2000)
    Exhibition halls 1987, 1998, 2004, 2008
    Modern Art Centre “Ars-forum”, Yaroslavl (2003, 2005)
    Gallery “Creativity Union”, Moscow(2001)
    Fine Arts Centre, Vladimir (2008)
    Participant of exhibitions of creativity unions “Sail” and “Alley” , regional, all-Russian exhibitions and Yaroslavl artists exhibitions in Bulgaria, Great Britain, Germany and Finland
    Award winner of Union of Artists of Russia (1999, 2005)
    His pictures are in collections of museums of fine arts in Yaroslavl, Lipetsk, Kirov, Grozny, gallery of “Creativity Union”  (Moscow), State complex “The National Congress Palace” (Strelna), private collections in Russia and abroad.


  • M. Mardanova

    Mardanova Marina

    Professional artist

    Born and began with creative work in the town of Bavli in Tatarstan. Finished the Samara Art School of C. Petrov-Vodkin. Creates works in animalism, still life and landscape. During her creative activity she painted over 100 paintings. 

  • B. Mukhin

    Mukhin Boris

    Professional artist

    Born in 1941 in Ozery in the Moscow region.
    Finished the mechanical faculty of Moscow printing institute. Since 1968 he has worked in the printing establishment “Nizhpolirgaph”.
    B. Mukhin worked in the art studio in the Lenin culture house, in the art school number 1. His tutors were A. Balikin, J. Pridanov, V. Fufachev.
    His native town was named so because of many lakes (rus. Osery means “lakes”) which are caused by the Oka coming out of its bed. Since his childhood he has loved the beauty of Russian nature and always tried to express his feelings in his works.
    In his works the artist follows realism, draws many nature studies. He watches nature very attentively and expresses the motives of lyrical landscape in its different states with affection to soft, pastel tones and colorful details. He took part in a range of exhibitions in Nizhny Novgorod, his works are in private collections home (Moscow, Nizhny Novgorod, Zaraisk etc.) and abroad (England).  


  • V. Nadezhdina

    Nadezhdina Valeria

    Painter, graphic artist, designer, photographer, interior designer
    She paints cityscapes, still lifes ,portraits
    1989-1993-Nizhny Novgorod art college
    1993-1999-Moscow State University of Printing Arts (Graphic Arts faculty, Department of Art and Technical Design of Printed Products )
    1999-a member of UNESCO International association of art
    2007-a member of International Design Association

    1996-exhibition “Nizhny Novgorod patios”
    1998- regional exhibition “Great Volga”(Nizhny Novgorod)
    2003-2004- exhibition “Nizhny Novgorod. People, streets, patios”(Nizhny Novgorod)
    2005-solo exhibition “Escaping Beauty”, “Spanish etudes” within a framework “Days of Catalunya in Nizhny Novgorod”
    2006-design festival “Cursor”(Strelka)Nizhny Novgorod
    2007-solo exhibition “From Russia with love”(Spain, Barcelona, Sant Boi)
    2008- solo exhibition of photographs “Venice Carnival”, Lukoil(Nizhny Novgorod), solo exhibition within a framework of the festival “Fira de la Purissima”, exhibition hall Ernest Lluch(Sant Boi, Barcelona)
    The pictures of the painter are in private collections in Russia, Germany, Italy, Spain and the USA.

  • M. Nekrasov

    Nekrasov Mikhail

    Russian Artist’s Union member

    Finished Cheboksary Art School (1979-1983) and the Repin Institute of the Art Academy Russia (1989-1994).
    Painter, graphic artist. Works in still life, genre art, abstract art.
    Russian Artists’ Union member since 1997. Since 1987 regional exhibitions participant. Participant  of the zonal art exhibitions “Great Volga” 1998, 2003.
    Individual exhibitions: Nizhny Novgorod, 1996, 1999.
    Participant of exhibitions in Nizhny Novgorod, Saint-Petersburg. His works were exhibited in Finland and Germany. The works are displayed in private selections in Russia, Finland and Germany. The artist defines his direction as “sentimental realism”. This is a so-called mixture of intuitive feelings and structuralism. Particular charm adds to his works soft and tactful humour. And the onlooker believes that “God is hiding behind clouds or a shoemaker’s house”. Nekrasov’s heroes have an ability to take off. Their world is not a reflection of reality but the materialization of the poetical idea of it. 


  • G. Orlov

    Orlov Gennady

    Russian Artist’s Union member

    Gennady Orlov was born in 1950. He graduated from art college(1971-1975) and Ogarev Mordovia State University in 1986.
    He is a representative of conceptual art trend, a member of the Union of Artists of Russia. There is an article about the painter in a three-volume bibliographic book of the Republic of Mordovia “Faces of Mordovia history”(Saransk, 1999).
    Solo exhibitions : Saransk, 1981, 1992. He taught at an children art school(Saransk, 1987-1990). Ha has participated in regional exhibitions since 1972. His pictures have been exhibited at zonal (“Young artists of Volga Region”, 1973, Cheboksary, “Artists if Central Regions of Russia”, 1990, Vladimir), all-Russian (the 4th All-Russian Exhibition of Printmaking, 1989, Moscow), republic exhibitions (“Artists of  autonomous republic, regions and  national districts of the Russian Soviet Federated Socialist Republic”, 1989, Moscow) . He participated in a group exhibition “Spring salon”(LenExpo Exhibition Complex, 1992, St. Petersburg); regional art exhibition “Great Volga”(2003, Nizhny Novgorod).
    The work of G. Orlov is characterized by flow of thought, free from any inhibitions. Non-conformist and confident painter’s individuality is expressed in his conceptual pictures which require thoughtful artistic understanding.


  • A. Popov

    Popov Alexander

    Russian Artist’s Union member

    He was born in 1951 in Tambov.
    The painter graduated from Penza Art College of KA Savitsky.
    His solo exhibition took place in Treis-Karden, Germany, in 1995.
    2003-took place in regional exhibition “Volga region”
    2004-solo exhibition of Irina and Alexander Popov in Petrozavodsk city exhibition hall
    His pictures are constantly exhibited in exhibition halls of big Russian cities like Moscow, Tyumen, Tolyatti , Samara, Khabarovsk,  Nizhnevartovsk etc.
    His pictures are bought for private collections in Russia, the USA, Saudi Arabia, Canada, Japan etc.

  • V. Pugachov

    Pugachov Vladimir

    Russian Artist’s Union member

    He was born on the 5th of January in 1969 in Bor, Nizhny Novgorod region. In 1984-1988 he studied at Nizhny Novgorod Aviation Technical College, at the same time he studies at artistic studios of Nizhny Novgorod. In 2002 he graduated from Moscow State Academic Art Institute named after VI Surikov. He is a permanent participant of city(Obninsk), regional, all-Russian art exhibitions. He has participated in more than 50 exhibitions in Russia and abroad. In 2003 he became a member of the Union of Artist of Russia. The painter lives and works in Maloyaroslavets. (Kaluga region).

  • E. Pyatin

    Pyatin Evgeniy

    Professional artist

    07.05.1950 г. - 24.08.2003 г.
    He graduated from Nizhny Novgorod art college in 1970.
    Having done military service, he worked in television, after that he worked as an artist –designer in Nizhny Novgorod, Ivanovo and Ural regions.
    he took part in Great Volga exhibition  and a number of exhibitions in Nizhny Novgorod.
    During his brief artistic career he was looking for his individual artistic vision. His pictures impress  with bright individuality, and philosophical understanding of depicted reality. Decorative expressiveness of his works cannot leave anybody cold. A group of St. Petersburg artists “Mitki” called him “Gorky Van Gogh” (From 1932 to 1990, Nizhny Novgorod was known as Gorky after the writer Maxim Gorky who was born here) His brushwork impresses with innovative boldness, which allows spectators to understand the painter’s rich inner world.

  • S. Pyshnenko

    Pyshnenko Sergei

    Professional artist

    Artist, art-designer, songwriter and musicwriter who performs his self-written song 
    He was born in 1966 in Leninsk-Kuznetsk.
    He finished an art school
    He has participated in city, regional, all-Russian art exhibitions since 1987.
    solo exhibitions- since 2005.
    He has worked as an illustrator of a book house.
    His artistic credo “picture with sense, poetry in painting ”


  • O. Rozhkov

    Rozhkov Oleg

    Russian Artist’s Union member

    He was born in 1950 in Frunze.
    In 1973 he graduated from Tomsk State University with a degree in radio physics.
    In 1976-1977 he studied at Kyrgyz State Chuikov Art College, after that he graduated from Moscow State Lenin Pedagogical Institute (school of arts) in 1982.
    He has been a member of republican, all-Russia and international exhibitions since 1983.
    In 1991 he became a member of Artists Trade Union of Russia.
    The pictures of the painter are at Kyrgyz National Museum of Fine Arts, Yaroslavl Museum of Fine Arts, the President of Russian Federation residence (St. Petersburg),  private collections in Russia and abroad.
    Red is the most essential colour for the painter. The painter associates a number of feelings with this colour: warmth, light, happiness, holyday, greatness -everything that characterizes the sinless world.

  • A. Rybina-Yegorova

    Rybina-Yegorova Alena

    Russian Artist’s Union member

    Designer, painter, graphic artist
    Birth place: Saransk, the Republic of Mordovia.
    she was born on 10th of September in 1972.
    She graduated from Saransk Art College of FV Sychkov in 1991(decorative art department). In 2003 she graduated from Ogarev Mordovia State University(school of economics).
    She works as an interior designer of private and public buildings. She also works as a sculptor(bas-relief) and an ikon(icon) maker. She has been exhibiting her pictures since 2009, her works are bought for private collections. She paints portraits, landscapes, still lifes, fantasy and symbolic composition.
    She became a member of Artists Trade Union of Russia in 2012.


  • D. Sineleva

    Sineleva Darya

    Professional artist

    She was born in Nizhny Novgorod in 1986. She graduated from Nizhny Novgorod Art College(painter, teacher of painting). Now she is a student of Herzen State Pedagogical University  (school of Fine Arts). She has participated in student exhibitions since 2011. She does graphic works(watercolours, inks, sauce and other soft materials). Her favourite genres are cityscapes, landscapes, silllifes and graphic paintings based on fictions.

  • Y. Smirnova

    Smirnova Yulia

    Russian Artist’s Union member

    She was born in 1980 in Orenburg. She studied at Children Art school №1 of Ufa and Children Art School №3 of Togliatti. In 2002 she graduated from Togliatti State University(school of arts and graphics) with a degree “teacher of fine arts and global art culture”.
    she participated in exhibitions “Space of love”, exhibitions housed in the Togliatti gallery “The House of  the Roerich” from 1996 till 2006 dedicated to the oeuvre of the Lyazgin.
    In 2002 she participated in a city exhibition “Plain-air of teachers”.
    In spring of 2004 a solo exhibition of graphic pictures “by Middle-earth roads”, based on John Ronald Reuel Tolkien books, was organized in “The House of  the Roerich”.
    In 2005 she participated in the exhibition “Matriarchy” (Togliatti Gallery of Fine Arts).
    In 2006 a solo exhibition was organized in the central gallery of Sterlitamak
    In September of 2006 she participated in the exhibition “Maitre of graphic arts-2006”(Moscow)
    In 2011 she became a member of the Artists Trade Union of Russia.
    her pictures are in private collections in Moscow, St. Petersburg, Samara, Togliatti, Nizhny Novgorod.

  • A. Sokolov

    Sokolov Alexey

    Russian Artist’s Union member

    He is a member of International Arts Fund, the Artists Trade Union of Russia and the International Association of Art. He was born in 1953 in Melekesse, Ulyanovsk region. In 1981 he graduated from Moscow State Pedagogical University(school of arts and graphics). In 1986 he founded a group of informal artists “LEFT BANK”, Ulyanovsk. Solo exhibitions: Dubna, Ulyanovsk, Dimitrovgrad, Nizhny Novgorod, Moscow, Shadrinsk, Izhevsk. Aleksey Sokolov is a master  at the prak of his career, abilities and opportunities. His pictures are in museums, galleries, and private collections in Russia and abroad(Italy, Austria, France, Germany). He is a participant of many big exhibitions(Art- Mif, Moscow, 1990; Inter-Art, Poland, 1990; Paris-auction, France, etc.). His solo exhibitions were housed in Dubna, Dimitrovgrad, Moscow, Ulyanovsk, Nizhny Novgorod, Shadrinsk, Izhevsk.

  • S. Sokolov

    Sokolov Sergey

    Russian Artist’s Union member

    He was born in 1954 in Nizhny Novgorod.
    He finished Nizhny Novgorod Art  College in 1978.
    Painter and graphic artist. He paints cityscapes and genre pictures.
    He became a member of the Union of Artists of Russia in 2000.
    He is a participant of zonal exhibition(“Great Volga”, 1998, 2003), all-Russian exhibitions(Moscow, 2000).
    He has been a permanent participant of city, regional exhibitions since 1982. Exhibitions:1996-“A century of all-Russian Industrial Art Exhibition”; 1998, 2003-“Great Volga”; 1997-“Russian-Italian pastel exhibition” ; 2000-“All-Russian exhibition”, Moscow.
    Since 2007 he has been doing easel painting and drawing graphics, painting still-lifes, landscapes, genre pictures.  


  • N. Stupina

    Stupina Natalia

    Russian Artist’s Union member

    She was born on the 19th of July in 1981 in Ust-Ilimsk, Irkutsk region. In 2003 she graduated from Ust-Ilimsk branch of Irkutsk State Pedagogical University(school of painting and graphic arts).She is a participant of city, regional, all-Russian exhibitions since 2003. Three solo exhibitions have been organized since 2008. In 2010 she became a member of the Union of Artists of Russia and of International Association of Art UNESCO.


  • V. Timchenko

    Timchenko Vera

    Russian Artist’s Union member

    Родилась в д.Засосенка Липецкой области в 1938 году.
    Окончила ЛГПИ им.А.И.Герцена.
    Живописец. Работает в жанре портрета, пейзажа, натюрморта.
    Член Союза художников России с 1990 года.
    Постоянный участник выставок с 1977 года, в Н.Новгороде с 2001г. Экспонент республиканских выставок в Алма-Ате (1977, 1987, 1988, 1995, 1997), международных (Нью-Йорк, 1998; "Европастель" 2000, 2002, 2003г.г.).
    Персональные выставки: Алма-Ата (1990, 1993, 1999), Н.Новгород (2000, 2002), Ярославль (2000).
    Преподавала в Алма-Атинском педагогическом институте (1969-1973).

    Творческая деятельность художницы началась в 1977 году. На её счету более 40 региональных, областных, российских и международных выставок. Главный жанр в творчестве Тимченко - натюрморт в его классическом варианте: цветы и плоды. Но её натюрморты - не просто изображение даров природы, - это, прежде всего, жизненная философия художницы. Каждая картина В.Тимченко - это удивительный мир, полный откровений, загадок, чувственности и красоты. Работает В.Тимченко в различных техниках. Пишет акварелью, пастелью, маслом на бумаге, картоне, холсте, тканях и даже замше. Занимается монотипией, горячей эмалью, финифтью. Работы находятся в ряде частных и корпоративных коллекциях в России и за рубежом!


  • D. Ulyanycheva

    Ulyanycheva Dina

    regional exhibitions participant

    Родилась в г. Горьком в 1974 г. В 1999 г. закончила Нижегородский государственный архитектурно-строительный университет по специальности "Архитектор жилых и общественных зданий". Занимается живописью с 14 лет. Работала в технике акварели. С 2000 г. работает в технике масло на картоне и холсте. Активный участник городских и областных выставок. Тематика работ: пейзаж, городской пейзаж, натюрморт, цветы, портрет, абстрактная живопись. Работы находятся в частных коллекциях в России и за рубежом  (Германия г. Саарбрюккен).


  • V. Yakunin

    Yakunin Vladimir

    international exhibitions participant

    Born on the 29 of April 1952 in Yelts of Lipetskaya region. In 1970 finished Gorky Art School. Took part in municipal and regional art exhibitions. Had success in four individual exhibitions at home and abroad (France, Germany, Italy, Suisse, the Netherlands, the USA etc.). preferences in art: landscape, urban landscape.

  • M. Yambushev

    Yambushev Malik

    Honoured Artist of Russian Federation

    Malik Yambushev was born in Tatarskaya Tavla, Lyambirsky district, the Republic of Mordovia.
    He graduated from Kazan art school.
    He is a member of Artists Trade Union of Russia.
    Exhibitor of different exhibitions: regional ones Russian «North-98» (Kirov, 1998), «Great Volga. The Volga region republics art» (Saransk, 2004); interregional one «Unity»(Nizhny Novgorod, 2007), all-Russia competition-exhibition « Golden Palette»(Saratov, 2007); international one «Yalgat» (Saransk, 2007)
    Solo exhibitions: Saransk (1998, 2000)


  • I. Yeskov

    Yeskov Ivan

    Russian Artist’s Union member

    The artist was born in Karaganda in 1944. He finished the State Art School (1960-1969). Mr. Yeskov paints landscapes and portraits. He is member of the Russian Artist Union since 1990. Since 1973 participant of region exhibitions. Exhibitor of area (“Great Volga”, 1985, 1991, 1998, 2003) and republican (Leningrad, 1984), (Moscow, 1976, 1978, 1984, 1992, 2000) art exhibitions. Individual exhibitions: Nizhny Nowgorod, 1995, 1996, 1999, 2000, 2002.

  • K. Yeskova

    Yeskova Klavdia

    Russian Artist’s Union member

    Born in Omsk in 1944. Finished Krasnodar Pedagogic Institute (1963-1968).

    Graphic artist. Creates landscapes, still lives. Member of the Russian Artist Union since 1997. Since 1973 takes part at regional exhibitions. Exhibitor in area ("Большая Волга", 1979, 1985, 1998, 2003) and all-Russian (Print Exhibition, Rostov-Na-Donu 1977; Ufa, 1981) art exhibitions. Individual exhibitions in Dzerdzhinsk, 1984; 1992. Teacher in Dzerdzhinsk Art School №5 (1990-2000).


  • M. Zanoga

    Zanoga Maria

    Russian Artist’s Union member

    Nizhny Novgorod artist. In 1998 she finished the Art School Gorki. 1998-2000 studied in the department of painting in Sourikov State Art University Moscow. In 2011 she graduated from the State Pedagogical University Nizhny Novgorod in the specialty of visual arts. The artist took part in exhibitions: individual exhibition in the Art School Gorky in 1995; individual exhibition in the exhibition hall of the cabin of Peter the Great in 1996; the exhibition in Nizhny Novgorod intelligentsia museum in 1996; the regional exhibition for Nizhny Novgorod artists  “Autumn Vernisage-2001” in 2001; Moscow exhibition “The young artists of Russia ” December 2001 – January 2002; the exhibition of the works by the creative universities students of Moscow in the gallery of  International University Moscow “Art Club Almanashnic”  in 2002; “Christmas Exhibition” in 2004; the regional exhibition of Nizhny Novgorod artists in 2005; an exhibition in the culture house in 2006; an exhibition in Moscow exhibition hall “Creativity” in 2007; the regional exhibition of young Nizhny Novgorod artists “January Holidays” in 2007; the regional anniversary art exhibition “Great Volga” in 2008; the regional young artists exhibition “January Holidays” in Cheboksary and Samara from December 2009 to January 2010; an individual exhibition in the State Pedagogical University Nizhny Novgorod.

  • N. Zhdanova

    Zhdanova Nina

    Born in Gorky in 1950. Finished the Art School in Nizhny Novgorod (1969-1973) and Stroganov Moscow State University of Arts and Industry in 1979. Graphic artist. She creates landscapes and still lives, in watercolour mainly. Russian Artist’s Union member since 1997. Since 1979 the artist is a constant participant in regional exhibitions. Exhibitor of zonal exhibitions(“Great Volga”, 1985, 1991, 1998, 2003), participant of an exhibition in Almaty (1986) and the “Nizhny Novgorod’s Land” exhibition (Moscow, 1986). Individual exhibitions : Nizhny Novgorod, 1997 (2), 1998 (2), 1999 (2), 2000, 2001. She teaches in Children Art School №1, №2 and in Nizhny Novgorod State Pedagogical University since 2002 up to the present time.

  • D. Zhuravlyova

    Zhuravlyova Darya

    Professional artist

    Нижегородская художница, живописец, график. Окончила Горьковское художественное училище.
    Родилась в 1985 году в г.Горьком (Нижний Новгород), продолжает художественные семейные традиции (отец Лаврищев Олег является известным нижегородским художником, мать Татьяна занимается керамикой).
    Участие в выставках:
    Вернисаж 2009 Нижегородская ярмарка г.Н.Новгород
    Выставка "Виды Нижнего" г.Н.Новгород сентябрь 2010г.
    Участие в финальной выставке Международного конкурса современного изобразительного искусства ArtPreview (Галерея Кино, ноябрь 2010г.). Специальный приз за "искренность в творчестве".
    Декабрь 2011 г. - Участие в благотворительном аукционе в помощь детям (г. Н. Новгород).
    Март-апрель 2012 г. - собственная выставка-продажа в кафе-галерее "АртБуз" (г.Н.Новгород).
    Апрель 2012 г. - Участие в Российской неделе искусств ArtWeek (г.Москва). Получила 3 призовых места в разных номинациях.
    Участие в Российской неделе искусств ноябрь 2011г. (галерея Mars), 2-ое место в номинации "Наивное искусство".
    Работы находятся в частных коллекциях России, Германии, США.


  • Авдюшкин А.

    Авдюшкин Александр Валентинович

    Russian Artist’s Union member